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How to consolidate the hardware industry of China that distributes around the world..
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Chinese hardware products almost every corner around the world, China's hardware industry is becoming truly great country. Especially in Africa, it is by the blitz. From commodities such as taps, hangers, car locks, to the mechanical material gears, springs, belt use, metal everywhere. However, in many aspects of China's hardware or not superiority, it is alert, mainly in the following aspects.

Services: hardware manufacturers to foreign country's law as the yardstick, not to engage in commitment to competition. Service is very standard, not only does not subsidize, but also profitable, with economic instruments to improve their service standards.

Marketing Management: China Hardware management model has not yet embarked on the road real agent. Management experience, management tools, managers are faced with challenges; market management, price management, promotion management in a middle or upper-level.

Funds: enterprise development difficulties, often forced, into a price war. Hardware manufacturers in China is difficult at present to raise funds, even if to raise funds, the scale is very limited. There are debt management, in order to close the market, but also lack of transformation ability, products are on the same level.

Brand: China has entered the foreign hardware companies in the international community is renowned multinational companies, they have a good reputation and can provide users with high-quality products, perfect service. Chinese companies on the language, familiarity with the market higher, relative demand for cultural understanding and therefore more likely to build their own brand.

Scientific decision-making mechanisms: Many people believe that foreigners do not understand the Chinese market, in fact, it will use foreign manufacturers paid Cheng asked the Chinese native talent, willing to pay for information. Establish an effective information channel and rapid response decision-making pipeline, and the market response to China's hardware, often lagging behind, we often lack the decision-making when a business decision as well as delays.

Channels: a large majority of Chinese hardware manufacturers dominated the domestic market. But the transformation of the domestic market is the traditional big business by the Association, trade associations, Hualian systems and electrical systems are not cross-economic relations of the Commonwealth, waste of resources, corporate marketing costs. Hardware exports to China accounted for only a few percent of the total, expand overseas markets is only the beginning, to go out, the lack of elite talent and cross-border trade experience. Chinese market itself growing demand, many foreign companies in China to produce, they are more stress is placed on the Chinese market.

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