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Meeting problems in reverse market tendancy Hardware fittings industry strike to recover...
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As of last year, the town has more than 5,000 accessories business, with light trading volume each year more than 200 billion yuan, accounting for lighting 40% of the total turnover. Into 2011, the overall market environment of the poor under the accessories industry, rapid growth has slowed, most of the accessories business by optimizing the production line, the adjustment of product prices, brand management, etc. to actively respond to stress.

Up cries of falling profits

August 4, I arrived at the industrial area of ​​town ring Gangnan State Technology Electronics Factory. Just sit down, Longhua, general manager of electronic state on the ring revealed to the author a message: "This year's market is not good, accessories and production companies in the business a lot of stress." Ring state is a specialized manufacturer of digital electronic remote control, sub- degree switch, electronic transformer electronic components business, both in town and Jiangmen factory. According to the Longhua, this year by the tin, copper and plastic costs rising influence, remote control switch production costs rose 15% to 20%. Although the ring this year state the price of electronic remote control switch for fine-tuning, but profits still shrink by nearly 5%. "Now the more difficult parts business, the profits of some electronic products has fallen below 10%, with a few years ago 20% to 30% of the profits have gone very differently."

In addition to electronic components, and other lighting accessories such as hardware, lighting, glass, crystal and plastic raw materials is Zhangshengyipian. According to the author found that this year's overall increase in metal materials, to the best-selling iron and copper, for example, or a few hundred yuan to 2,000 yuan / ton, whereas crystal pendant also generally rose by 10% to 15%. Despite rising raw material, but many companies are not parts of accessories for the corresponding price adjustment. Hardware store owner has told the author of this year's profit to decline 2% to 3%.

Orders shrank Jin Yicheng

In the city lights are parts, even though car to drive, just like a vibrant scene, but many store owners are reflected parts, accessories industry beginning of the business is not as good. City lights are accessories stores, general manager of Sun Hardware Zone Song Sheng told reporters, "Since April, metal fittings into the off-season, a decline in orders." Zone Songsheng analysis, the CPI rose by market regulation and the impact of downstream products corporate sales adversely affected, as the industry chain, the same can not be spared parts business.

According to some of the accessories business, said compared to last year, the first half of the orders have suffered atrophy, decline of about 10 to 20%. "This year in April before the new factory we have more than 40 people, now only 30 people, and one is the introduction of new equipment to enhance the yield on the other hand are not so many people." Longhua Introduction Road, by the performance impact, a lot of peers significantly cut the staff, even through the holiday to the workers to reduce their costs.

Billing cycle extension

In the parts industry, payment of the settlement cycle is generally one to three months. However, the overall market this year, colder, many small and medium enterprises of lighting accessories is no reason to extend the payment billing cycle. Longhua told reporters: "As far as I know, part of the electronic components of the business three or four month payment has still not received, money was untenable, and some even stop altogether and a half out of the industry."

I visited the city lights are accessories, a Hardware store owner told me: "Settlement is the norm cycle, you do not Yahuo a lot of people rushing to do." Boss also told the author, the cash settlement of the orders are generally small orders , belongs to the retail category, orders must be slightly larger pressure settled a month or two.

A month ago, the Wenzhou wave of business failures occurred, although the town has not yet appeared similar, but very few of the several products and accessories business enterprises closed down, so the majority of parts enterprises with that in mind. According to the District Pine Shengjie Shao: "A lot of accessories companies are very carefully selected partners to our Sun hardware, for example, more than 80% of our customers are partners, even if a new customer, we have to go to their factory site visits, including plant size, product quality, financial strength, etc., and inquire about their peer reputation and credibility. "

Despite many unfavorable factors, most of the accessories business town chose the difficulties, they through the introduction of devices, appropriate adjustment of product prices, brand operation, etc., through the immediate difficulties.

Armed Line

Rapid growth in labor costs in the case, decided earlier this year, Central State Electronics invest 100 million yuan introduced an automatic insertion machine and an automatic chip placement machine. Longhua told reporters: "While these new devices require more than 100 million, but only six months time, the benefits of the device will be able to back this up." He cited an example, to insert film machine, for example, the machine line one-time pass rate on the production of 99.5%, while the artificial production of up to only 90% pass rate, potentially reducing rework, and time for return logistics costs; but also greatly improve production efficiency, a machine can be implemented in three shifts of production 1 person 8 hours 15 individuals will be able to replace the previous one-day workload. In other words, after the introduction of new equipment, factory workers and can reduce recruitment expenses. Longhua also revealed that following the introduction of advanced equipment after the middle of this month, will ring state electronics factory floor production line for its rectification, the long S-shaped assembly line designed to achieve is not off the assembly line production, both the full use of the plant area , but also improves productivity.

Adjustment of product prices

This year, the price adjustment is the largest non-capillary business perfectly. Earlier this year, rare earth phosphor price from 260 yuan / kg, within six months, has rapidly risen to 2,600 yuan / kg. Let the market anticipated this change, energy-saving lamps in the market price system quickly dissipate. From 4 months late, some plants began to adjust capillary capillary product prices by about 15% to 20%.

In addition to light fittings, lighting accessories, such as other electronic accessories, crystal pendant, also began to adjust the market price. To crystal pendant, for example, since March of this year, subject to the impact of price increases River polishing powder, some crystal pendant prices by 10% to 15%.

Brand operation

Accessories brand for traditional businesses, the paper seems to reach a blueprint. However, semi-finished products for the emerging enterprise, the brand is not the dream of operation. Currently, the brand in the industry to achieve operation of the enterprise is not much, only Jindeli, ring state electronics, Futai, one hundred one of the few lighting and other brand can do word of mouth. Chen Jianhua, general manager, according to one hundred introduce lighting, accessories brand companies do to improve the resilience of business risk in order to stand out in times of adversity.

Wanted the Government to have more as

During the interview, a lot of accessories business owners a voice to my bare, they want the government to the accessories industry, town planning and guidance for greater initiatives to promote the positive direction to the accessories industry.

First, three non-consolidation of upstream and downstream business

According to my investigation found that the current registration of the production of electronic remote town, rectifiers company has more than 30, but the closed doors of private workshops producing the number of far more than 30. In addition to electronic products, LED accessories, hardware accessories, glass, plastic and other parts industry, there are the same situation. Although the town has to fight against three non-government enterprises, and achieved some success, but still repeated. The majority of business owners hope the government can crack down on future efforts, and to be durable in-depth to rectify.

Second, set a special accessories Industrial Park

Accessories industry in the town, parts stores has demonstrated a very strong government action, but in the industrial park construction, the government support the efforts still to be improved. As we all know, most of the parts companies are concentrated in the town surrounding townships, such as the cross bar, Siu Lam, etc., but only a few of the accessories business enterprise or product mix in other industrial areas, or hidden in private rental housing inside. Therefore, many companies want the Government to strengthen support accessories accessories industry, or even consider planning a special industrial park.

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