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Reveal the success of China’s four old brands...
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Old people always let the industry talked about their success or failure is a symbol of the success of the industry, China's top five metal old: Zhang Koizumi scissors, Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool, LYC, ZWZ, Wang Mazi Scissors development has , four successful, only "Mazi" underperformed the game, while the other four companies really has become an industry legend, has become the industry benchmark, to explore the four hardware I No.'s success, which is a Other companies can learn from the experience which, in the future development path more smoothly.

Zhang Koizumi scissors: Focus on Innovation

Hardware tools to make "gifts." Dating back 348 years, Zhang Koizumi scissors in the business strategy has its own set of gift marketing tool for selling hardware. Similarly, in the branding strategy, but also repeatedly innovation, has taken "scissors" dramas, by the mass media to promote their brand, and actively involved in advertising, so Zhang Koizumi "fame rose."

In addition to the marketing of innovation, of course, technological progress. To improve product quality, Hangzhou Zhang Koizumi's start from the details, in early 2010, the first branch in the civilian implementation of the scissors cut the surface of anti-scratch process. The process implemented in four months, according to generally reflect the consumer, Zhang Koizumi scissors not only the intrinsic quality and appearance quality have been significantly improved.

Zhang Koizumi's win, win in the "new" on.

Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool: to do cutting edge of reform

Tool industry in China, Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. is regarded as worthy of the "old", it is China's "First Five" key projects during the Soviet Union aided the only company manufacturing industrial measuring products for national economic development made historic contributions.

In the late 1990s, the planned economy to market economy process, the amount of Group Ha was managing decline, increased loss. The beginning of 1998, companies accumulated losses of more than 6700 million, eight months salary arrears of staff, faced with extreme dilemma. The end of 2004, the amount of Group Ha Kiss decision making acquisitions to achieve "the implementation of mergers and acquisitions in the restructuring, mergers and acquisitions in advance in the restructuring, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions and promote each other," the target. Reform is in danger in the search "machine", the reform's success, decided to develop it in the future on the road smooth.

Luoyang Bearing: toward world-class

Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. Henan Coal Chemical Industry Group equipment manufacturing enterprises, and its predecessor state, "First Five" during the 156 key construction projects - Luoyang Bearing Factory, founded in the summer of 1954, is China's largest comprehensive bearing industry of the bearing manufacturing companies. Today Luoyang LYC Bearing facing the development process in the "second pioneering" and will invest in "New Los axis project", which is to achieve the bearing industry, "China's first world-class" strategic objectives of major investment projects, also in Henan Province , Luoyang revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, a key project.

In the ever-changing arena, the Luoyang Bearing own policies with these advantages, increase the pace of technical innovation, product innovation has repeatedly occupied the commanding heights, which they enter the world of the weapon, with which dice hammer and "perseverance" in the pursuit of spirit, Luoyang Bearing finally as he said, "toward the world-class."

ZWZ: the layout of high-end market

Founded in 1938, is the birthplace of Chinese bearing industry, the new China's first industrial bearings born here, is China's largest bearing company. As the bearing industry, the old enterprises, the development to now, ZWZ not a "senile" in a sense, instead of showing a "hale and hearty" of development.

Called the hardware industry's "big brother" ZWZ, in so many years of ups and downs, has been to grasp their own steering wheel, a firm goal is to help the spirit of its success. And promote "full innovation" concept, but it is ZWZ to peak lies, lies the soul of ZWZ "innovation", they are not to go along with the pace of the times, and become the leading pioneer in the industry. To seize the high-end market, even if they give their own market positioning, but also to spur them forward.

The success of the four old hardware has its own channel, but there are common key point, that is innovation. In this fast-growing community, speed of information change, so that enterprises must have the spirit of the times. I believe this lesson old hardware, give us the development of the hardware industry, a profound revelation.

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