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Record of five-year development of BeiJing Times Minxin Technology Limited Company
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November 18, 2005, Aerospace Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. in China under the auspices of investment diversification and to take the system to space 771 and 772 IC design resources to focus on integration, set up a Beijing Time China Core Technology Co., Ltd. . Today, people age five core company has gone through years, through trial and error and uphold the out of a unique development path of China's IC design industry, an important force.

Survival articles

Age people die inception of the company, how to adapt to market competition and survival, is placed in front of general manager Zhao Yuanfu the first issue. Clearly, the "core of the times people grow, and can not copy those who have 'market background' successful business model," Zhaoyuan Fu says, "must find a development path suited to their survival, to find themselves able to adapt to the market."

To this end, Zhaoyuan Fu led the company began a "three changes" in action, above all, ideological changes, changes to the company and market-orientation; second, by the technology-oriented to market-oriented; Third, research-based unit to R & D and production units change.

In the three general ideas under the guidance in the choice of market, the start times people did not choose the core "holding high-dozen" high-end product line, choosing instead to a "alternative route." "We selected the product, its market should be sustained, technical standards are not particularly high, but demand will last a long time. Watch the chip was we found the most suitable product." Zhaoyuan Fu said, "electronic watches will not disappear, and the watch chip demand will continue to exist, the core of the design capacity of the times people fully capable of performing, and can do better than the existing suppliers. "

Follow this line of thought, from the date of the establishment of the times people die a year in sales a step upward. In 2005, the company's turnover reached 50 million yuan in 2006 to 1 billion in 2007 to reach $ 150 million. In the product list, already has a USB interface circuit, converter, Hall switch circuit, power management circuits, watch circuits and other products. Meanwhile, in the low-end competition in the market, the company can exercise out of a tough fight team.

Development articles

Then the survival and development, which is Zhaoyuan Fu must address the second issue. "Low-end market, the profit is guaranteed the company's survival, but not for the company to bring more research funding." Zhaoyuan Fu said, "the expansion and technology upgrades are required to accelerate the pace of development."

Rely on the market two years ago, technology accumulation, in the era of low-end market, people die not only open up the situation, but also well into the high-end market. Its navigation chip, medical instrumentation chip has entered the phase of silicon, and also built a 8/16/32 bit SoC design platform.

Times people have the innate core company good genes, but the face of consumer electronics market, the public era core chip company is also facing the problem of industrialization. In order to establish the ecological environment in the high-end product, core times people held company since 2009 "Time Man core Cup Electronic Design Contest." Total enrollment of the first contest 1,020 people, covering 24 provinces and cities nationwide, the total number of 227 submitted to the program, involving medical, household, electrical, automotive systems, environmental monitoring and other fields.

The second "era of people-core" Cup Electronic Design Contest has officially began in June this year, the event for the company based on SPARC V8 architecture chip applications, open a smooth path.

Age people singing all the way along the core performance of the company, in 2008 250 million 2009 330 million in 2010 is expected to reach 4.2 billion yuan. In the product line, already has satellite navigation chipset to MCU / CPU for the core SoC, interface and bus control, converters, power management, consumer electronics and other products.

Next chapter

Summing up the past five years of development, the core era of public companies is undoubtedly a success. Development blueprint for the next five years, the era of the people and strive to core company into a high-end technology platform, product incubation, the Zhaoyuan Fu to develop a new strategy. On January 18, 2010, in Shanghai, China set up a core holding by the time the Shanghai Yuxin Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to China's mobile network and information terminal products of Things core control chip solutions. The end of 2010, the times the people in Xi'an, the core will also focus on the strategy founded a new industry high-end chip design, power management holding company.

Obviously, the holding company set up to bring a more flexible business model of development. Looking ahead, Zhaoyuan Fu said, the times people will continue to adhere to the core "technology products, high-end products, market operation, international industry, management refined" concept of development, and strive to five years into the top ten Chinese IC design companies for building world-class integrated circuit business, make new contributions to the development of national microelectronics industry.


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