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Embedded industrial development is meeting a golden decade
DATE:2011-08-23   View:7185

Editor's Note: Recently, the China Education Television's offer, see the Education Group, China Qingyuan, president of Mr. peak season for a long time accepted the China Education TV Station, "the fruits of the drawing room" part of the interview. Forty minutes in this interview, the peak season for a long time talked about the president should be about the networking industry and the status of the embedded industry, combined with the current popular concern employment of college students, to share China Qingyuan see in the field of professional training After seven years of dedicated and successful efforts made to build experience and educational philosophy.

With the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other emerging areas has increasingly become the main theme of the information industry, industrial applications of these technologies as a core part of most embedded systems, it is a universal concern, and China Education Group Qingyuan see the field as an embedded professional training The first brand in the industry has enjoyed a high reputation and visibility, which is the China Education TV Station in this selection will be China Qingyuan see as "the networking industry and the embedded industry," the main theme of the interviewee. At the same time, in order to allow more college students and technology enthusiasts the opportunity to learn, learning embedded professional, follow-up China Qingyuan see professional video program will also serve as China Education Television's new vocational education courses, in all media education platform on a wide range of published and recommended.



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