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The problems on salary increasing of hardware industry have been a trend
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In the early 2011's Pearl River Delta, led by Foxconn influx of migrant workers salary increase after wave after wave of salary increase in the Internet business off. This is the Internet portal, the four most generous ever again.

Sohu after the Spring Festival in 2011 almost 10% of full pay raise; Tencent average salary increase in April, 9.3%; Sina May, a raise in the range of about 14%; portal Netease June cover about 60% of the salary of employees, The average overall salary increase of 25%.

August 9, National Bureau of Statistics data show that in July CPI rose 6.5%, once again hit a new high. Previously, four portals collective salary increase, have mentioned that the inflation factor, but in fact, more important reason is that the current gateway in the second round of the expansion phase, the portal's channels have a lot of spin-off, it is missing person, the salary increase is the most direct way to keep people.

In addition to salary, the Tencent also announced the end of June, "housing project", as long as three years of work in Tencent and buy the first suite level employees may apply to an amount of 20 million -30 million in 6 years to pay off interest-free loans. This interest-free loans will total $ 1 billion, the first group of applicants now have to get a loan.

"Pay boom" in the raging Internet industry, but also Hardware companies always take a "hot headlines." Indeed "labor shortage problem" is nowadays a broken business head, which restricts the normal production of a major problem. In this case, the government, companies have introduced various measures to attract and employment policies.

In fact, the face of wage pressures, hardware manufacturers have a lot of measures, for example, or to adjust the product structure, or to increase labor productivity, or allow more targeted and other personnel system, according to business types, choose a different response . Overall, the entrepreneur should open ideas, not confined to a fixed pattern.

Small series seems to pay tide in the second half of next year, the year after will continue, which will always be a social hot spots. The industry has entered a "pay cycle", the hardware industry can not be treated as short-term issues to deal with, but rather as a trend view of the problems.

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