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Failure of satellite launch the hardware technology is underdeveloped
DATE:2011-08-23   View:7421

According to Star Scientific understanding of network hardware, Beijing at 17:28 on the 18th, China's Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the "Long March II C" carrier rocket "practice on the 11th 04 Star." Failure of the rocket flight, the satellite failed to enter orbit. Analysis of the specific reasons for being.

In recent years, China's aerospace industry growing fast, from the founding to the present period of zero-based space power technology has been greatly improved, which is gratifying, but this incident made us realize that, China's space technology has yet to be further improved. Star Scientific hardware network that not only in space technology, China has the hardware areas, while varying degrees of technical basis, but there is still room for development.

Will be increasingly high precision mold

10 years ago, the accuracy of precision molds is generally 5 microns, has now reached 2 to 3 microns, 1 micron precision die soon will be available, which requires super-finishing, the mold industry will become increasingly large scale. This is due to increasingly large part molding and high productivity requirements of the development of "a multi-cavity" caused. Mold industry will further develop multi-functional composite mold. In addition to new multi-functional composite mold Stamping parts, also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking, performance requirements for steel are increasingly high.

Ideal self-closing cabinet technology

Although the cabinet is a very ordinary object, but also in people's minds without too much technical content, but will soon be used in cabinet drawers and doors of the damping system, was to become the current hardware industry's most advanced technology achievements. This damping system created a gentle self-closing technology, damping buffer drawer with auto-off technology and technology that allows the drawers filled with objects on the slide reaches 5cm point rebound off automatically after a buffer, not only avoid the drawer items within each collision, it will not cause the drawer rebound. Damping drawer has a unique characteristic: the more weight the more slippery, a little push, load 50 kg weight of the drawer can be slowly turned off automatically.

Countries catch up with international standards to support machine

Machine tool industry has developed rapidly, every year or two there will be great changes, many new technologies and new products will emerge as the springing up. To really catch up and surpass the advanced machine tools, domestic machine tool companies need to make greater efforts, good news is that many domestic enterprises and CNC machine tools and features that enterprises have a strong independent development ability.

The support of major projects in the country, the domestic high-end CNC machine tools in high-speed cutting technology, ultra-high speed grinding difficult materials technology, and many other major technology to achieve a breakthrough. Create a five-axis gantry milling complex machine tools, super heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, precision horizontal machining center and a number of signs of major equipment, effectively breaking the blockade and the monopoly of foreign technology, the future can not be discounted.

As competition in-depth, the various stages of hardware chain's profit margins were compressed, downward movement is reduced. More and more companies recognize that price competition alone can not establish core competencies, not long-term direction of development, an effort to explore a new path of development. Many hardware companies increased technical input to develop new and high-tech products, product differentiation as a long-term strategy of enterprise development and seek new market demands, create new economic growth point, in order to achieve the enterprise can sustainable development.

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