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Hardware companies do not lose face buy
DATE:2011-08-23   View:7926

Buy network Gaopeng Shanghai Branch recently began a sudden layoffs, according to internal staff revealed that 19 of its editorial department were asked to cut nearly half (45 people), the layoffs will occupy Shanghai Branch employees (500 people) 30 %. Shanghai Gao Peng official explained that because the company is currently spending more than income, the adjusted operating arrangements, a number of departments will be merged Shanghai to Beijing.

When the global financial crisis and economic slump when the number of buy site but as different as everywhere. In March 2010 China's first U.S. group net buy site set up as a symbol, just over a year, from a site in China to buy five thousand. Daily average of more than 7 buy website was born.

Such rapid growth of the savage, is a bit crazy matter: one side is the surplus of venture capital chasing crazy to nominate the top ten websites, without exception, have announced their venture, to be listed; the other side is a small unknown site overnight from the birth to death, life, such as ants, and another famous fight between the big web endlessly, constantly poaching and layoffs. Outsiders can not see the seasons change in this industry - when many people call it "bubble thrown into the winter," when many people say it is "promising, positive spring season" ...

"Hurry hurry tube station opening, cut a hurry to rush to recruit people," buy after the blind expansion of network industry experience, have begun to squeeze the bubble, the recent rate cuts throughout the industry, reported more than 10%.

Market is not fully mature, buy too many websites, traffic is too dispersed, could not find sales, industry-wide blue ocean red sea, cuts squeeze the bubble will become inevitable. Buy the site in the attack of big and small buy site will Ebb Tide. Bo Yang Shen, CEO of rice that, buy only two small sites will have the chance to survive: one dedicated to vertical industries buy website, they may rely on to get good business to focus resources, and the formation of the brand; the other is to avoid Great place to buy buy site edge web site.

Hardware industry buy fast, buy promotions seems to be the hardware companies quickly increase sales, improve profits and enhance the brand's most effective channel, it is not just one face to face sales, but also network buy, buy, etc. spike behavior, The publicity costs less than traditional advertising, interactive. Hardware companies are to grasp the business opportunities buy, buy the hardware industry to become a undercurrent channels, hardware buy now buy from a holiday to normal development. Therefore, the hardware is no longer a regular holiday buy temporary work has become routine hardware business sales channels.

Buy hardware to meet the user the greatest degree of "spend the least money to buy more goods and services," the psychological, buy promotions really worth trying is a hardware company sales practices, in this boom in the buy, hardware merchants who do not get lost, take a rational look at the buy, buy, do not apply to all enterprises, is difficult to blindly follow the trend will only lead to guaranteed profits, worse still, would result in the net buy "kidnapping"!

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